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Basic installation of the device  :
Except the special requirement of clients   
Attention proceeding   
To use undried things to deal with the compressed air may cause the unstability of the product quality and shorten the life of the parts of the device.
To choose material unproperly (including paper of original material, Thermosol), may reduce the the efficiency of the device and effect the quality of the product.
The printing of the patten of the paper of raw material and deal with facet is very important; Be sure to test when choosing. Unright operation will affect the quality of the product and reduce the efficiency of the device.
    1.Attention proceeding of safety
        1.2dangerous appear when operation wrong
        1.4installation and link
        2.1control plate (control board)
        2.2The operation of device
        2.3stope and urgency swith
    3.replacing parts
        3.1matched fittings parts list
        3.2paper roll shaper size
        3.3replacing the cone mould
            3.3.1the way of relacing
            3.3.2align method (adjust slightly)
            3.3.3adjust the material cutter used to cut side
            3.3.4adjust the material collection pipe
        3.4cam control installation
        3.5paper sheet supply material
            3.5.1replacing parts of the machine
            3.5.2 adjust method
        3.6paper sheet transmission
            3.6.1feed material link elasticity
            3.6.2adjust the paper sheet holding rise machine (place of the bracket)
            3.6.3adjust "roll cone head" vacuum
            3.6.4adjust"roll cone head" compress air
        3.7the use of thermosol
            4.1.1maintain outline
            4.1.2maintain need to know
        4.2 repair
            4.2.1 debug
            4.2.2 replacing material cutter used to cut side of the paper
            4.2.3 replacing "cutter transmission "synchro zoster
            4.2.4 replacing subsidiary cone cutter
            4.2.5 replacing "cutter transmission" main gear

Please pay attention to the notice proceding before operates the machine.
When begin operate, make sure everyone who operarate the machine, should abide comply to this instruction of the manual.
Responsible to operate, maintain and repair person should all grap the knowledge of device, safety information and should operate after reading the attention notes.
Synthesis maintenance needs professional technology.

1. Safety attention notes

1.1 Safety Attention:
        Danger  Wrong operate may cause dangerous; cause accident.
        Alarm  If you haven't done according to the manual will cause damage the machine.

v1.2 Wrong operate cause danger
        The machine operation staff should have special training. They can work only when has assess eligibility.
        Abide to the manual and operate of the machine parts usage and operate.or will shorten the life of the machine and make                    accident.
        The renew of the electric, must abide the rating specification, or will cause toch electric or fire, will also damage this parts.
        The machine should supply electric and range the line when it installed, or will cause touch electric and injuried.
        Don't operate the switch when your hands are moist .To avoided torch electric.
        Please make a confirm and adjust the all the parameters when the machine operate;Abnormal stoped ,should check the season            and then start work ; force operate will cause the machine damaged and bring the injury to the operater.

v 1.3 Transportation
          Use the lift or forklift to unload the machine
       The transportation, installation, adjustation must through the professional technical staff to operate or through training qualified           expert at present use the rule to operate it.
       Don't put machine at easy buried and easy blast, moist, sun directly insinuate, hot   eradiate, librate place.  
       Incline dangerous. Barycenter of the machine will move because the assistant device.
       Don't walk under the append object.

v 1.4 Installation and link
       The needed electrical appliance link need operate should have direct electric staff.
       The machine should installation have good earth.
       When the machine is operating, please don't open the distribution randomly.
      Don't teardown and modify the drive and electric parts, if there really needs anything, please contact with the manufactor, or will cause accident.

2. Operation

¿2.1 electrify
        When electrify, please check the following item:
        1. Connection check
            Confirm device and the electric should connect earth.
            Confirm the main loop and control the loop correct.
            Confirm chosen parts and outer device choose and right connection.
            Confirm input supply accord with manual standard.

        2. Electrify:
            Roll the main switch of the electric box to the place of "on";
            Connect the switch and breaker which in the electric box separetly,related parts indicate light.
            Object all the electrical appliance parts indicate light is in "

¿2.2 Device operate

   2.2.1 adjust and operate
            1.This machine only used in the direct aim.
            2.This manual should put on the place where the staff is convinent to bring and should read through then operate. This                         prescript is used in the assistant device.
            3.This machine only used in the proper director person to operate.
            4.This machine only operates by one man.
            5.You should pay more attention to the operate the spot swith.
            6.Forbid to put off the safety device. Or elamate the function. You should check all the safety installation 'function, and then                 can begin work.

   2.2.2 Main machine operate

            þ Speed enactment
                    Rotate the enactment button in the control board; Choose the proper operate speed of the main machine.
            þ Automatic operate model
                    Button the Operate and the Point move at the same time; the main machine enter the operate condition automatically.
                    The main machine into operate and carry out the enactment operate speed value of Speed adjust
            þ Manual operation modal
                    1.Rotate the fixed button Speed adjusts inside the electric box.   
                    2.Choose the proper manual operate speed.
                    3.Button the point move button that is lay at the control plate or you can button the assistant switch point move button,                        the mainframe will automaticallychange to manual control operate condition.
                    4.Choose the point move (hands manual) operate speed of the main frame.
            þ Feed  paper
            þ Out paper
                    1.Button the Feed paper which under the control board;
                    2.When button the Operate and the Manual or carry out the Manual button under the modal of manual.
                       The vacuum pumps operate; the vacuum pump direct light Delight 
                    3.Related control clique automatic run, the tip of the machine hand inspiration and do weekly feeding the paper.
                    4.Put on the button out paper on the control board. The vacuum pump stopped, Pump direct light
                       put off. Related control clique automatic closed, he tip of the machine hand inspiration stopped sucking the paper.
            þ Spout  glue:
                     When use the modal of glue; the thermosol should reach the use condition. thermosol condition direct  light should                            OK delight. Or easily cause accident and damage the device.
            þ Automatic Spout glue modal   
                    1.Button the Spout glue under the control board.
                    2.When button the Operate and Manual;    and then out paper
                    3.Device light sensor check and measure the paper. Spout gun automaticly carry out glue.
            þ Manual glue modal
                      When carry out spout modal, make sure ready every kinds of safety protect ;Make sure should operate under the work                       condition.
                    1.Button the assistant switch directly Manual glue.
                        The spout gun force to carry out spout glue.
                    2.When the machine operate well, the manual glue modal ineffect.

      2.3 Stop and button the urgency switch
            º  2.3.1 Device normal off:
                       Button stop: main machine stop operate at once and change at Waite machine.
            º  2.3.2 Device urgently stop
                      When the device is abnormal and under danger condition, please press the button "urgently stop".
                      When the  machine  nip man; Please button urgently stop put off the general power; Use hand to put off the machine                         not use  electric.
                      When the device meet abnormal ,must to repair the failure and then can unchain the button urgently stop to the normal                       place.

3. Replace the parts

    |3.1 form a complete set parts table
            3.1.1 Standby parts order:
                    All the parts of the machine have the fixed number supply.
                    When make the order, must supply the following things:
                      } The code ofthe machine
                      } Number of the code 
                      } produce year
                      } The actual number of the needed parts.
    | 3.2 The size of the forming cone
            SConfirm of the paper cone:
                        When ordered the machine: Please give all the datas to machine manufactor. Through the synthesis analyse of the                               manufactor,  then tell the customer the best way. So as to meet the need of the customer.

             SWork principal of the machine:
                       Suck mouth will print in advance and suck the finished cut sheet from the paper frame, then to the transportation chain                       and then feed to the finished mould. In this process, the paper sheet is imbrued with the glue. The place, length and                           how  many glue they used, the special needed can adjust in the process of production no need to stop the machine.                           The imbrued  sheet when they after shape, they will be blowed and feed to the collection box.Automatictly spile and                          automatically count ,and output the quantities with what you fixed automatically arranged without stop the machine .

              S ZZB-220 The size of produce product

                        1.    The lowest height: 100mm
                        2.    The tiptop height: 255mm
                        3.    Angle: 15-28
                (Modify the mould can produce different size product)

    | 3.3Change the curling cone (mould)

            3.3.1 Change ways
                S Curling cone fixed and adjust:
                      1.The plate of the pile cone installation (the installation of product arrange) is putting off the link bar. Spliting all the                                bolt  in the spiled cone installation except one and apart the cone plate.
                      2. Undo the bolt, (1) apart the cutters from those body. In order to be safe, discharge the cutter. Dischage the flotsam                             pipe.
                      3. Undo the strap puff (2) and put off the straf  (4) from the straf wheel (3).
                      4. Doff off the spring from the Drang bar under the cone body.
                      5. Use the proper Iron bar when clutch grasp the curling cone (8), undo the fixed convention  (6) you should use the                             36mm open month spanner on the strap wheel (5).
                      6. Use the mallet claps the close fixed convention Use hand to screw the curling and put off the close fixed convention                             and curling cone.
                      7. All the bulge convention parts (9) except the one which leave in the curling cone mould head; All other All the bulge                           convention parts (9) can be found in the heart bear (convention roll).
                      8. To fix the bulge convention parts (9) according to picture.
                      9. Imbrue little butter in the curling roll bear.
                      10.Push the curling cone to the centre of bear and use the size "x"fixed (see the cone head fixed size)
                      11.Screw into the closely fixed convention (6) and firm it slightly.
                      12.Install the collection pipe of waste material.
            3.3.2 Orientation ways (slightly adjust)

                        1. Cut two paper which width is about 5mm from paper roll (or use the waste paper side)
                        2. Put the paper between the curling and the assistant cone; give two layers in the cone tip.
                        3. These papers should be in all the same, that is to mean when you use the same strength to put them out  .If not,                                 you are   need to make the curling cone or the assistant cone before or behind  .In order to reach this requirement                              and straight cone tip.
                        4. Screw the loose and tighten convention, and check the condition of fixed.

             3.3.3 Adjust the material cutter used to cut side

                        1. Guard: Be carefull when put off the side cutter, because the danger of injury.
                        2. Install backside cutter (2) put it in the swing back place adjust it to cutter tip diameter at about 1.5mm in the curling                               cone place. And make it a little pressure to the assistant cutter of cone body (3).
                        3. Screw the clamp breechblock (4)
             3.3.4 Collection pipe of wated material place adjustment

                    Suck waste material collection pipe (5) has no to the assistant cutter at any time. 
                           1.Glue direction: control the place and the length of the glue.
                           2. Steer clique  (out paper):" vacuum  -----feed and suck paper sheet  "
                           3. Steer clique  (blow roll): Compress air---shaper model paper roll
                           4. Steer clique  (suck roll): Vacuum suck roll -curling roll 
                           5. Cam curling cone------control curling roll mould open and shut place and time.

| 3.5 Supply material of paper sheet 

                In order to send paper sheet from supply material equipment to curling roll box.  There need many machine parts. The                       following will tell a lot of replace and fixed methed of these parts.
        ¤ 3.5.1 the replace of machine parts

                S Slipped spring sheet and central board(between the link of transfer)
                            1. Put off the slipped spring sheet shelf  (1) from bearing  (2) and put it off together with the slipped spring.
                            2. When change the slpped spring, you only allowed to use the six-angle bolt.
                            3. Change the central board.
                            4. To install the slipped spring sheet and shelf together .The requirement is to press the slipped spring slightly in                                     the central board.
                SDirection orbit
                            5. To lift spite gun or put off spite gun in the side
                            6. Change (6), but the fixed shelf (7) is again in the machine.
                                Attention:  After fixed the Direction orbit and make sure the Direction orbit and glue bar (8) between about                                         0.5mm clearance.
                            7. Debase the gush gun or installed the gush gun.
                S Paper sheet shelf
                            1. Replace the paper sheet shelf (9) and paper sheet board (10)
                            2. Replace direct paper board (11) and (12)
      ¤ 3.5.2 Adjustways

            s Direction orbit adjustment
                    1. Adjust the left (1) place:  according the sharp of the paper roll, use spot move to send a paper to check, make sure                            the  paper roll can send to the top
                    2. Put the paper roll (4) in the middle of the paper shaper equipment.
                    3. Adjust the shelf (3) of the right Direction orbit (2) to the line of left to make easy for the paper roll to move in case                             collided the Direction orbit

             sThe distance of feed material link
                    1. If produce very short roll, you should install a right feed material link in the middle of slipped wheel, put the back roll                         more ahead to the bearing untile all the link in a line.

             s Adjust feed material link and  the assort of  paper  sheet 
                    1. Put one paper sheet between the Direction orbit, make it touch with the hook (5) the right feed material link and the                             side is  parallel with left Direction orbit.
                    2. Screws relax of the right link wheel (6), and move ahead the feed material, untile the hook (7) touch the paper roll.
                    3. Screw the link wheel (6)

            sAdjust paper sheet shelf
                    1. Put the paper sheet on the self  (9)
                    2. Adjust the Height of the paper shelf bearing (8)
                    3. Adjust the height of paper shelf height (8), make   the apper sheet a little pressure of the direction bar (11)
                    4. Fix the place of the apper shelf  (8), make the side contraposition qith the right direction orbit (1)
                    5. Put the side direction orbit (12) fixed with the apper side and make the hook in the side direction orbit so that one                              time you only need to put off one paper out.
| The transmission of paper sheet 
            3.6.1 The undo angle of feed material link
                    1.Use the 36mm open spanner to rotate the link undo and do link .In the place of centre.Use thumb and first finger to                             lift a crosspiece (4).If the link can lift about 20mm ,this undo and do is correct.
                    2. Put the undo and do installation in this place and screw the bolt tighten.

           3.6.2 Adjust paper sheet lift equipment (the place of  shelf) can choose (choose purchase parts)
                    º   Adjust the lift and low paper roll installation (see the arrowhead which mean the head of material)
                         The lift and down installation is to avoid paper sheet to be push by the transmission equipment. After the adjustment                          of link  wheel, it will check and give needed modify.
                                1.Use your hand to rotate the machine untile the shelf along with the radius of the slipped wheel.
                                2.Screws undo the bolt (6) and put the cam (7) adjust to the top place, and screw the bolt.
                                3. Measure the distance  "A", It is about 3mm, when it needed, please screw undo the bolt (8)and fix the right                                         distance; Do the bolt.

            3.6.3Adjust (curling cone)vacuum
                       When the paper sheet is sending, its head is directly between curling cone roll and paper roll must apart the place of                            the direction orient and also apart from the slipped sheet of spring .
                                1.The general stop make by the switch.
                                2.Screw the undo and do installation (1)'s all the bolts.
                                3.Use your hand to rotate the curling roll cone, until the vacuum hole is in the lowest point (see the part of                                             arrowhead).
                                4.Doubled to screw all the bolts in the undo and do installation (1) equality.
            Adjust the palace of cam -vacuum curling roll cone
                                1. Screw loose the bolts, and fix the cam in the lifting place (see the arrowhead). Screws tighten of the bolts.
                                2. Turn off the general stop switch; Turn off all the powers.
                                3. Use the ghand to rotate the machine.and check the place of the hole. Paper roll must lip all the holes, when                                         it needed, please modify the place.

              3.6.4Adjust (curling roll cone head)compress air
                    º  Adjust the place  of cam(shoot roll)
                               1. Use your hand to rotate the machine, untile finish the curling roll finished. And the assistant cone body begins                                     to down.
                               2. Screw loose cam and tight the bolt, and adjust cam to the start place (see the arrowhead). Screw tight the bolt.
                                   Attention: Whenever the vacuum and the air pressure should not be allowed bestrow one another, or the shoot                                   roll would be too low. When called, you should adjust the vacuum cam in advance.
                     º  shoot roll
                               1.When contraposition the spiled installation, you should use the bear line of the curling roll cone body.
                               2.Use the reduce pressure valve to adjust the pressure of compress airpressure to make the finished roll fixed                                        in the pipe roll when it shoot out. Finally, to in the spiled roll then carry out by the spiled roll board.
                                   Attention: According to the condition of the produce speed, maybe you should modify some orientation.
|  3.7 Hot glue use

        3.7.1 Choose the proper material
                  The raw material sheet statistics is very important; the facet pattern printing and the facet deal with, the intension stretch]                     of   paper sheet fibre; When choose the glue, uou must supply the raw material sheet statistics to the supplier.                                     To give than many  times test strictly, to make sure the size and   fill a prescription of the raw material used.

        3.7.2 To carry out the standard operation
                  The glue produced by different manufactor use the different statistics. Such as the temperature, intensity time, dosage                         etc.The details please ask for the statistics and the operation ways  from the suppliers.

4. Maintain ---repair

        £ 4.1  Maintain
                 Maintain should only carry out in the stop condition .If the work must carry out and move out the protection cover, you                     should be more careful.

                4.1.1 Maintain outline  
                    Adjust and maintain:
                         1. This work only carry out by the qualified person.
                         2. When operate the glue installation, must wear lab protection glove glasses and clothes. When drainage the glue,                                   please reduce the glue drainage pressure as much as possible, in case the glue spiled out and injured somebody.
                         3. Deal with the used product, clean material and assistant material.
                         4.  Electric work should carry out by the qualified person.
                         5. Before start-up the electrical appliance system, you should check all the facet which suit for the use condition.You                             should make sure before work start,should make sure not to link  through randomly.
                         6. Abey the maintain cycle.
                         7. Only the original parts can be used.
                         8. The modify of the machine, increase, and replace, please ask give written notice to the device manufactor; Only                                 after  they allowed, you can carry out it.

                4.1.2 Maintain Notice:   
                         Clear the machine normally; this is the base of continuing produce.
                           At the beginning of work, please clean the tip of work parts. Anyway, the maintain should not carry out in                                          producing  process.After the maintain work ,all the safe protect board should  stall back .
                                    1. Grease lubricate
                                              In the paper sheet feed material equipment, there are four place need to lubricate, In the pile                                                                cone board there is also one  lubricate.
                                    2. Engine oil lubricate
                                             The add oil head of the engine oil is in the rear of the safety cover. When collect old oil, we should use                                              the tools with groove or the empty groove. Adding engine oil should not more than 6 L. (Every year,                                                 when check maintain, please change the engine oil once, the new machine should change oil once three                                              month; Every two month, please change check he oil level once, because of the slightly. when                                                           necessary, please add the oil.
                                    3. Let remain glue
                                                Let out the remain glue from the glue box. From time to time, should let out about 0.5l melt from the                                                  glue box. In case maintain and clean not in time.
                                                (The detailed please see the glue manual)
                                                 Attention :In case injuried, should wear the protect glove, safe glass and lab protect clothes.
                                                (1) The temprate of the glue device should keep the operate temprate.
                                                (2) Adjust the glue work pressure to zero.
                                                (3) Let out the glue 0.5l in the dischange glue mouth .Put it in one box, when needed, please max                                                             strength pressure.

        £   4.2 maintain and service
                    4.2.1 failure recovery 

                    4.2.2 Replace the cutter material side
                                1.Screw the nip bolt (1) put the cutter swing in the up.
                                2.Put off the safety cover from the cutter, becareful! In case cutter injury!
                                3.Let the card round  (3) then let the cutter (4)   
                                4.To push the spring  (5) in the rear of cutter glove (6)
                                5.Put the new cutter in the glove; make the support in the glove consistent with support glove.
                                6.Reset the card round  (3)
                                7.Put the spring between the cutter and cut glove, so that the cutter tip is press head.

                        4.2.3 Replace "cutter rotatery synchro strap
                                1.Screw loose of nip bolt (1). Put the cutter swing in the up.   
                                2.Let out the safety cover.
                                3.Screw loose the nip bolt (3), and then rotate the partiality (4), until the synchro strap loose.
                                4.Put the cutter shelf and the partiality out together.
                                5.Replace the synchro strap, install the cutter shelf and paper side cutter, and puff close the synchro strap.The                                      other part should carry out in the opposite order, then the paper side  should adjust according                                                           to the 3rd burl .

                      4.2.4 Replace the assistant cone cutter
                                1.Let the curling cone (7).see 3.3.
                                2.Nips close the curling cone bear (adopt protect sheet) in the stage tong.
                                3.Screws loose the nut (8), use the wrench with armature .Fix the nut.
                                4.Discharged the two bolts and assistant cutter.
                                5.Put the new assistant cutter slip to the cone head bear, and according to the sign line (see the arrowhead) in                                         the central of the voccum hole.
                                6.Put inside the screws (9), and be careful to screw tight.
                                    Be careful! If the screw is too tight, the cutter will broken
                                7.Use the screw  (8) to tight the screw.
                                8.Install the curling, according to the instruction place of 3.3
                                9.Fixed the paper sie and assistant side, see 3.3, install protect cover (2)
                                  Note: every curling cone before delivery, pleases match two assistant cuitter. When order the assistant cutter,                                    you should refund the cone body to our factory, because the curling cone and assistant should match the                                          abrade.
                    4.2.5.Replace the "cutter rotate" main gear
                                1. Adjust loose the in-phase strip, put off the paper side cutter, put the cutter shelf and the eccentricity annul                                         . As above.
                                2. Put the card round off from the bearing.
                                3. Put the in-phase and the main gear off the bearing.
                                4. Put off the screw and put off the main gear.
                                5. When installation, please us the opposite side order, then Fix the paper side cutter according to 3rd.

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