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Paper Cup Marketing Potential

In India, Paper cups are most compulsory consumer items in day-to-day activities. It may be made of recycled paper and is widely used around the world. Among with little investment, anybody can set up a paper cup making industry and will get good profit on the investment within the shortest possible time and this is only possible in the way of hard and sincere dedicated work of the entrepreneurs. Now the demand for use and throw an eco-friendly paper cups are very huge, so no worries about marketing and sales.

Paper Cup Machine

Our paper cup machine is an fully automatic shaping machine with multi-working station and the machines are fully designed and customized to suit the Indian industry standards. The structure of the paper cup forming machine is robust for continues 24/7 operation with quality knowledge. It has the features of extra potency in many components likes heavy-duty gearbox, index box, solid controls for simple adjustments and easy operating procedures, fast tunings and easy day-to-day maintenance as well as with a photoelectric detection for bottom cup drop test, counting and other functions..

This manufacturing machine runs a whole procedure of bottom-feeding, cup-fan-wall sealing, oiling, bottom-punching, heating, rolling, rimming, rounding and tripping. It can produce beverage cups, tea cups, coffee cups, water paper cups and advertising paper cups, disposable ice cream cups or other food cone-shaped paper cup. Our paper cup making machine price will suit any budget and it will serve you for a long period of time. We assure maximum customer satisfaction through our continued business planning support, project guidance and after sales support.

Our Service and Support

1. Business start up process and guidelines

2. We offer free website with 10 pages to our clients for marketing assistance

3. Sample Project report format for Bank loan purpose

4. Sample Profit and Loss report to know the project feasibility

5. Get various paper cup mould drawings

6. We recommend to follow the machine's safety policy

7. All kind of cup and plate machine spares and accessories available

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